InterPoker Rakeback

InterPoker Rakeback

When you signup for InterPoker rakeback through us you will be eligible for Up to 40% rakeback right from the start. You will also be eligible for the new player welcome bonus of 200% up to €1,000 which is on your first deposit. If you factor in the rakeback as well as the welcome bonus the first month you can easily earn a very high rakeback rate. InterPoker handles all of the rakeback payments so you never have to worry about getting paid. The way the interpoker rakeback program works is that the more points you generate then the higher your rakeback will be each month. The way you earn points is for every $1 in rake you will earn 3.7 points.

Rake Calculation

The entire OnGame Poker Network runs on the same rake scale which is contributed. That means you only get credit for the rake taken from the pot depending on how much you bet. As an example if the total rake take is 10 dollars and the total pot is 50 dollars. You bet a total of 25 dollars than you essentially paid 50 percent of the total rake.

Full Details About The Offer

The best Rakeback offers available start at RakebackCodes and the offer for InterPoker Rakeback is no exception. With the InterPoker Rakeback, players can start earning as much as 40% of the rakeback from their very first hand.

That means that even low-stakes players can earn while they play poker, sometimes even when they are dealt the losing hand. At InterPoker, Rakeback is calculated based on the number of points you earn. The higher your points, the higher the InterPoker Rakeback percentage you earn. Playing often can lead to a Rakeback of up to 40%.

How Rakeback Works

The process is simple enough. The company providing the poker tables, InterPoker, takes a small percentage of every pot called the rake. This is sort of like an ante when you are playing in person. To make it to the flop, everybody at the table has to contribute to the rake.

Then, as the pot goes up, so does the rake as it is based on a percentage of the total pot. The rake is normally earnings off the top for the casino or card hall, but with the InterPoker Rakeback program, you can get a percentage, up to 40% of the rake from games you played, back as a credit to your account.

All the accounting is handled internally. All you have to do is sign up for InterPoker Rakeback program and then play some poker. The math does get complicated to determine what your Rakeback earnings can be, but it looks like this. At each table where you play, the total rake is a percentage of the total pot. Let’s say that the pot is $100.

Of that $100, the casino takes the rake. For the sake of round numbers, we’ll estimate that the rake is $10. The next part of the calculation involves figuring out the percentage of the total pot that you contributed. If you put $50 in the pot, half the total pot, then you would have contributed half the rake.

That $5 is converted into points. Each $1 is worth 3.7 points. Those points are tallied for a month and at the end of the month, calculated to determine the percentage of the rake that you get back. The higher the number of points you accumulate, the more money you receive as a credit in the following month.

For even semi-serious poker players, a Rakeback program can increase your earnings, even if the cards run cold.

Combining Rakeback and New Player Bonuses

As a new InterPoker player, Rakeback is just one way to increase your poker earnings. On your first deposit, you can earn a new player bonus of up to 200% of the money you deposit, up to a total of 1,000 euros. That deposit bonus is also deposited directly into your playing account, meaning that you don’t have to worry about outside payment processors delaying your earnings.

With the combination of the Rakeback and the new player bonus, it is easier than ever for even casual poker players to make money playing the game.

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InterPoker Review

InterPoker was established in 2005; however they were a part of a bigger and well-known online gaming site, InterCasino. Using the popularity already established by their partner website, they have been growing slowly in both traffic and quality. Their licenses are provided by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta, which is great for all the European based online gaming sites such as this one. They are part of a large sized gaming network, the OnGame Poker Network. The company’s headquarters are located in Vaxjo, Sweden.; they do cater to most European countries, but they do not allow U.S. players. Their software development is taken care of by Amaya who owns the OnGame Poker Network. As a relatively new online poker site, they still have much more to do in order to reach the top, much like InterCasino did back in 1996.

The OnGame Poker Network is a large and very well-known network, and they are quickly gaining speed as they pick up more online poker sites. Since their inception, they have not done as well as other more marketable poker websites, and that is reflecting in their traffic count. However, they are part of the Amaya Go which lets them use those services as well. They have begun to market themselves more, using the already established reputation on their brother site, InterCasino. Hopefully with this, they can increase their player count, as well as improve in other areas as well. For now, they have an average player count of 1500, which although higher than most, still doesn’t match the top ranking online poker websites.

Available Games: 
InterPoker is focusing more aggressively on the more popular types of poker that are available, and not so much on offering a wide variety. As most experienced players know, the more popular games that can be found at either online poker or in the land-based casinos are Texas Hold’em, Omaha and Omaha Hi/Lo, and 7 Card Stud. These are the games that are available for play at InterPoker as well, whether it is for play or real money. By centering on these game types, they can focus on delivering a more realistic and immersive experience for the players instead of spreading themselves thin. This a great strategy for any online gaming site to adopt, start small then expand as the numbers increase.

Customer Service: 
InterPoker offers a 24/7 customer support service, and not only in one language; as the website is multi-language, they offer these same helpful services in those languages as well. Players can get help by using the email service that is provided or use the telephone number given when choosing what language to speak in. This makes it a diverse system, however they are lacking in the live chat option. They also have a FAQ section that players can take a look at before contacting the support staff.

InterPoker uses Amaya Gamings gaming software which allows InterPoker to be part of the OnGame Poker Network. They develop all kinds of games for different purposes, such as poker, lottery, and casino games. With this large entity creating and developing their software, they have smooth running software available. The actual software can be downloaded to the players PC, however for those members that do not wish to download the software, or simply are always on the move, there is also an Instant Play version available. For both versions, they have various options available. If a player speaks in English, Danish, Deutch, and Spanish, they have a version in that language. Not only are there various languages, there are also different currencies available as well; the US dollar, the British pound, and the Euro.

Some of the features that make this software so likeable are the simplicity of its graphics, and the immersion that takes place. To make the gaming experience more exciting, InterPoker has some fun features (or promotions) that enable this, such as the Training Camp and Bad Beat Jackpot. For all those new players out there that wants to gain experience, join the Boot Camp and learn to play at the same time as earning some cash. With the Bad Beat Jackpot, even if your statistically winnable hand loses, the player may still get a payout that could exceed the pot amount.